About the Author

Alexandre Souza is a Brazilian novelist that writes dark and supernatural stories, and also explores fantasy and historical fiction. He’s earning a BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. He has flash fictions published at Adelaide Magazine and Scarlet Leaf Review. He’s a mythology and supernatural geek and uses this knowledge to enhance his work. 

About the Blog

Hello, my dear reader. As said in “About the Author”, my name is Alexandre Souza, but you can call me however you want. Well, I just want to briefly explain the concept of this blog. I created it to be a place where I could talk freely about the subjects that interest me most, and I could also publish my stories. With that in mind, I divided the blog content into three broad categories: "Myths", where I talk about different mythologies around the world; "Stories", where I publish my short stories; and "Talking", where I talk about situations and experiences in my life, and give my opinion on different subjects. In addition, there is the section "Suggestions" where you can give your opinion on any element of the blog, such as a myth / theme suggestion or a criticism. I only ask that the criticisms be constructive and argued; don't just say that everything sucks, but say why it is and what I can do to improve it. Well, I won't take any more of your time. Welcome and have fun exploring the blog.

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